Traveling to Liverpool Women's Hospital

Transport: Buses from Liverpool Airport are frequent to Liverpool Women’s hospital. Any of the 86 buses (86a, 86c etc.) will leave you outside and they take approx. 50 mins to get there. They depart every twenty mins. The 500 bus will also take you there in about 40 mins but they are less frequent.

Both are right outside the terminal door, cost £2.40 and the buses take debit cards too. These buses will also take you from Liverpool Women’s hospital to the centre of Liverpool if you wish to go in. Taxis are also right outside the terminal and will cost approx. £20 and they also take debit cards.

Cash: Nearly everywhere takes debit cards but If you do need cash, there is an ATM in Liverpool Women’s hospital which is free of charge to use.

Food: Liverpool Women’s hospital will provide meals for you and your birth partner three times a day. There is a kettle and small fridge in the room so you can keep additional nibbles here if you like. There is a canteen in the hospital if you want other hot food as well as a shop and two cafes.

At the hospital: There is a comfortable pull-out bed provided for your birth partner so they can stay in the room with you at all times.

Clothing: There are a few websites that you can order premature baby clothes from. However, Liverpool Women’s hospital has a range of donated clothing from extremely small sizes right up to full-term for you to use, including blankets and hats so your little one will be well-clothed.

If you need any other information the midwives or the Honeysuckle bereavement team will gladly answer your questions.

The Honeysuckle Team can be contacted during their office hours Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm on 0044 (0)151 702 4151 or email:



You can contact LMC on our helpline: 086 374 5474 or by email at: