In addition to telephone and support via email , Leanbh Mo Chroi holds support group meetings four times per year in the Dublin area. These are closed meetings for women and their partners who have experienced TFMR.  Support meetings are co-facilitated by founding members of Leanbh Mo Chroi. Please note we are not trained mental health professionals. But we are women and men who have a personal experience of this most hear breaking of losses, and we have found that having a safe space to talk to others can be a key component in the healing process. The meeting format is informal, and there is no need to speak if you do not feel ready. These meetings offer a confidential space to discuss the loss of a much wanted baby and the stages of grieving process, friends, family and support networks, and to explore the feelings of hurt and anger that often accompany having to leave Ireland for treatment. We also share thoughts and ideas for gaining closure and healing. If you have any questions before attending a support group, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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