International Support

ARC Antenatal results and choices
UK-based support service, however, it offers support to Irish women and the forum.
ARC offers non-directive information and support to parents before, during and after antenatal screening; when they are told their baby has an anomaly; when they are making difficult decisions about continuing with or ending a pregnancy, and when they are coping with complex and painful issues after making a decision, including bereavement.

Ending a Wanted Pregnancy
US-based group. Non-judgmental abortion grief support for parents ending a wanted pregnancy following a poor prenatal diagnosis maternal medical diagnosis.

What’s Your Grief?
A US-based website run by mental health professionals exploring the complexities of grief, offers online resources and courses.

Tommy’s Charity
UK site with information and support for anyone who has experienced the loss of a baby whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or termination for medical reasons.

Health and Parenthood website. This link is to an article that deals with grief and emotions of ending a pregnancy.,-absent-of-regret

Finley’s Footprints
A UK site, but has a section ‘Families’ which has a wealth of information on parents who receive a diagnosis where the baby might have an uncertain future, those that want to know what to say to parents going through this and also pregnancy after loss. 

General bereavement support service – UK.

Manchester University
Information leaflet on TFMR and compassionate induction.

Saying Goodbye / Mariposa Trust
UK and international organisation that supports people during any type of baby loss. Their newest section ‘So Cherished’ supports people who have had a terminal diagnosis with a baby.

Irish Based Support

  Pregnancy and Infant Loss

HSE directory of support services and knowledge for both bereaved parents and healthcare professionals.

Please Note: Some of the services listed in the HSE directory of services are not non-directive services. Please for your own emotional safety, exercise caution when contacting Irish services, especially if you are unsure if you wish to continue with the pregnancy. We have raised this very concerning issue with the HSE, but at present these groups are not clearly identified as advocating ‘one option’ supports.

Terminations for Medical Reasons:

Hospice Foundation:

Non-Directive Counselling Services

IFPA – Irish Family Planning Association
The IFPA provides confidential and non-directive specialist pregnancy counselling services for women and their partners who are experiencing an unintended pregnancy or a pregnancy which has become a crisis. This service is funded by the HSE and there is no cost to clients. There are 10 locations nationwide.

Well Woman Centre
Offers free, non-directive counselling services for any kind of crisis pregnancy.

One Family
Among other service, they offer non-directive counselling information and support around options in crisis pregnancy.