Almost four years ago Ireland overwhelmingly voted in favour of
removing the 8th Amendment and opening access to compassionate,
essential healthcare at home. We knew at the time that the stories told
by women who had travelled for abortion, or who wanted to, were the
deciding factors in many people’s decision to vote yes.

By now we are painfully aware of the failures of the new abortion law
and the damage inflicted on people seeking a termination for medical
reasons. This year we have a short window of opportunity to make our
case for changes in this law and how it affects us. Once again, we need
to lobby, to campaign and to demand change in order to protect the
dignity and safety of women, couples, families in their saddest moments.

I am so proud to share with you the TFMR report for the review of
Ireland’s abortion legislation. The report was a combination of effort from
the wonderful Professor Fiona De Londras, Chair of Global Legal
Studies at the University of Birmingham and who has been an incredible
support to us for years. A wonderful graphic designer who designed and
polished the final product, and most importantly the contributors who
generously and bravely shared their experiences of loss, pain and
distress so honestly with us.
There aren’t words to express the gratitude they all deserve.  Each one
of our 12 recommendations is based on the direct experience of the
people who have encountered the legal and medical reality created by
the 2018 abortion legislation in Ireland.

What we need from you is to read the report, learn about their
experiences, and support our recommendations for changes to the
law by making your own submission to the public consultation by
the deadline of Friday April 1st 2022.