Please don’t find yourself without anyone to talk to.

If you need to speak to someone, please get in touch. While the world is focusing on Covid-19 and how life has been turned upside down, there are some people still going into hospitals receiving complex diagnoses. These are earth-shattering and in normal times Ireland has become better equipped at helping some these parents that fit into legislation.

But when borders close, planes stop flying and boats stay in ports the parents that don’t “fit” into the legislation, the ones that still have to travel, simply can’t anymore.

They have no choice. They have no chance to make a horrendous situation any easier for their family by having the choice to induce their pregnancy earlier than normal abroad.

While we can’t obviously get them to where they need to go for treatment, we are still here, to listen and virtually wrap our arms around.

We have supports in place to help anybody who needs to speak confidentially and in a non-judgmental space about any issues or worries they may be experiencing right now.

We are here and we will continue to support women, parents and families throughout.

We can offer online, text, email and phone support.