On Receiving a Diagnosis

There is nothing that will ever prepare you for receiving a poor diagnosis in pregnancy.

All the plans and dreams you had for your future are shattered and you will probably feel a range of emotions from shock, sadness and anger. You may feel emotionally frozen as you are faced with hundreds of questions while feeling very lost.

If you need more tests for a full diagnosis the waiting period can be a very long and lonely one also. Being faced with the decision to either continue or induce your pregnancy will untimely be one that only you and your partner can make.

You may feel like you are in a state of limbo, possibly “grieving” your baby even though they are still alive within your body. There is nothing wrong with these feelings.

Remember it can be very difficult to take in information when you are distressed or in shock. It is important to have all the information you need about what has been diagnosed in your baby.

It may help to have someone with you at your appointments. It can also be useful to have a list of questions written down. Ask your medical team to explain things carefully and clearly, especially complicated medical terms.


The decision you begin to make may take time, no time, or weeks to make, but whatever your decision, only you can decide what’s right for you and your family. This decision may change and this again is completely normal, it is extremely difficult but also part of the process

Once you decide on the path right for you, or we call it your best decision for an awful situation you can begin to make the practical plans to continue your pregnancy or terminate your wanted pregnancy.

You may feel very sad and alone during this time and you may want to speak to someone who has been on this journey before. It can help to speak to someone who understands and has faced a similar experience.

You can contact LMC on our helpline: 086 374 5474 or by email at: leanbhmochroi@gmail.com