Memorials, remembrance and grieving

Please see the following link for an excellent list of resources around grief and loss, some specific to losing a baby and some relating to grief in general:

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, or to feel in this most difficult time. It is important to give yourself and your partner the space and the time to grieve, and to heal, at your own pace , and in your own way. Many couples find it helpful to get tokens of remembrance, footprints, hand prints, photos if possible. This can sometimes be arranged through the hospital you attend outside of Ireland.

You may wish to plant a tree, or perennial flowers in the garden, that will return year after year.
Counseling with the right person for you can also be very helpful. Whatever your way, try to not go through this alone, reach out to those who you trust and who give the kind of support you require, whether that be through family, friends, or finding others who have gone through a similar loss Sharing and giving voice to your emotions really can help you through, especially in the first few months following your loss.