Advice on Accessing Treatment Outside of Ireland

It is important to request all relevant medical information from your consultant in Ireland at the hospital where you are treated before you travel.

We recommend also checking if there is a bereavement support service or family support worker who may be able to assist you with making preparations on issues like memory making, cremation, or bringing home remains, as well as provide emotional support and information relevant to that hospital.

The LMC support service can also provide advice on practical steps to take when preparing to travel, as well as emotional support throughout or after.

Clinic or Hospital?

Through personal experiences and feedback to LMC, we have found generally that a hospital is best placed to provide the appropriate medical care in terms of foetal anomaly issues/TFMR, as well as providing support around the loss of your baby. However, there are times and circumstances where you may find a clinic is the best options for you.

BPAS Twickenham offers termination for medical reason services.

British Pregnancy Advisory Service Abortion Support Network The Abortion Support Network can sometimes assist with practicalities and costs of travel

Well Woman clinics and the IFPA (Irish Family planning Association) can also offer free non directive support and information.


Well Woman

One Family also offer non-direction information and counselling support.

You can contact LMC on our helpline: 086 374 5474 or by email at: