Continuing Your Pregnancy

Continuing your pregnancy may have been an easy or a difficult decision to make; you may have had no choice due to financial or family constraints and responsibilities.

Many women who face a difficult diagnosis and choose a compassionate termination are unfortunately still forced to travel to the UK or Europe to seek healthcare they need or want.

If it is the case that continuing the pregnancy is your only option, or indeed the option you have chosen to go with or you are waiting on further tests or scans, we are here to support you every step of the way.


There is no right way to feel about the impending few weeks or months, everybody deals with it differently. LMC are on the other end of a phone for any of the times you struggle coming up to and after your baby’s delivery.

Only you know what is right for you, your family and your baby. It is important to feel that you have made the choice that is right for you. We can provide a safe, confidential and independent space for you to discuss your feelings or just to talk, scream or cry.

You can contact LMC on our helpline: 086 374 5474 or by email at: