A Safe Space

We provide practical information, advice and  support to any pregnant woman who is facing a poor fetal diagnosis or considering ending a pregnancy for a medical reason.


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Who We Support

Primarily we support women faced with a poor diagnosis in pregnancy, but we also support women facing a difficult decision based on their own health issues or medical conditions.

You can contact us at whatever stage you find yourself. Whether you are still unsure what you wish to do; your loss was many years ago or last week; you are still in the process of undertaking more tests or awaiting the results of tests. Our primary goal is to provide safe, confidential and non-directive support for you along this most heart-breaking of journeys.

Support services

How We Help

speak to us

For a listening ear, practical advice and emotional support,
talk to our LMC volunteers who
have all faced a similar loss.


email us

The support we offer is based on the  shared experience of our LMC volunteers. We know how lonely it can be.

support groups

We offer informal support groups in Cork and Dublin as a safe space to discuss the loss of a much-wanted baby.

Online Meet-Ups

If you can’t get to Cork and Dublin, join an online LMC meeting for a similar supportive
group experience.

What We Do

The support we offer is based on the peer support model of the shared experience of our volunteers.

We are run solely by bereaved parents who wish to give a listening ear, practical advice and emotional support to others who now face a similar loss. We know what a lonely place it can be.

We offer LMC support groups in Dublin and Cork, as well as remote groups online. We are also contactable across the country by telephone or email for those who are in need of support.

Upcoming Events

Sept 23 - Zoom online support meeting

8pm – 9.30pm Online group support.

To register for the meeting email:


Nov 25 - Zoom online support meeting

8pm – 9.30pm Online group support.

To register for the meeting email: 


Make a Donation

Your donation will help us to continue to support women and their partners through this most difficult of losses. We provide support group meetings in Dublin and Cork and also offer a telephone and email support service. We will soon be offering online meetings to make it easier for those outside of the Dublin area to access group support. Individual support is always available as well. All our members are volunteers, we have no paid staff. 100% of your donation goes to the running of the service.


Who we are

We know, from personal experience, that the most important factor in offering support to others is not about what decision you ultimately arrive at. Instead, it is in providing a truly safe space for you to explore your own feelings and to arrive at your own decision as to whether or not to continue your pregnancy.

This most heart-breaking of decision-making processes takes place alongside the beginnings of the grieving process. Which is why we believe it must be supported in a compassionate, non-directive way.