Who we are:

We are women and men who have gone through the heartbreaking experience of receiving a fatal or severe diagnosis during pregnancy. Having lived through this experience ourselves, we quickly realised there were no support groups for people like us in Ireland. Our feelings of loss were compounded by feelings of isolation during this time. For those of us who did find others who had gone through a similar experience, it was a much needed lifeline. We felt such huge relief at just being able to talk openly about our experiences with people who had been there themselves, and understood the despair we all felt. Having to face a fatal or severe abnormality and having to make the decision to end the pregnancy or equally hard decision to continue with pregnancy is devastating. The physical and emotional pain is compounded by having to leave current supports and medical care when at our most vulnerable. There is also the pain and confusion on return of not knowing what to say, how to say it, to those around us. Leanbh Mo Chroi wishes to end the stigma and encourage healing by offering support and ending the silence which has existed, where cases like ours are seldom talked about or acknowledged.

What we do:

We are bereaved parents who wish to help give support and encouragement to others who now face a similar loss. We offer support groups in the Dublin area, and are contactable across the country by telephone or email for those who are in need of support. Please note we are not trained counsellors, just a group of parents who have come together to offer each other support. We aim to create a safe, non judgmental space where parents can express their grief and get support from others. Confidentiality will be upheld at all times.  

Help us to help our families:


Your donation will help us to continue to support women and their partners through this most difficult of losses.  We provide four support group meeting per year in Dublin, and also offer a telephone and email support service. We hope in time to set up an online forum to make it easier for those outside of the Dublin area to access support. All our members are volunteers, we have no paid staff. 100% of your donation goes to the running of the support group – renting of premises for support groups and for the phone service.



We are delighted to have been shortlisted in MyKidsTime Charities of the Year. This is such an honour for us and if we are lucky enough to win it it would be a fantastic opportunity to be able to reach a lot more people than we are now.

Voting closes December 18th and you can vote each day by clicking the link here

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